Wednesday, 13 August 2008

day with art and stephen:
started off fine and ended fine. kept hugging me and kissing head.
"he's gettign closer now that he sess the end"- gaz getting clingy
stephen ought me chips!

for some reason i was walking on the path. saw mike but ignored. "hi, you" and he followed, slow walked. i table stand, HE sat.

1.5 first half, 15min second half
South Africa
Cultural differences

"people here just use each other, not real friends" "why say using me." gave me a smirky comeon look. flirt like. "would you keep in contact with me?" "never see again, a few eamils" hard to tell if wants to and being realistic or not.

told one of few i can talk to here.

5 cigs. shaking, i asked if cold and study now. and that's why cut short.

ellito stopped and talked to us. exams?

"you'll see me after the exam if you don't run off. sem bash? you'll see me there"