Thursday, 7 August 2008

Entry ?

UNI CLASSWORK I spent the morning and afternoon studying with the boys in our old IFM room. Notably, not much. It was just fun. I walked in and Arthur said, "I was wondering where bubbly Jen was." Aw. So we were studying, talking sense and non-sense, and just having fun. I've noticed lately that my stomach aches so bad if I don't much that I have to countdown to when lunch is. Maybe nerves? Anyway, when I went to get lunch I felt great as if I own this place and walked back up to eat my burger. But lately Arthur's getting weird again. He keeps trying to get me to sit close to him. He repeatedly pulled my chair towards his, and I finally had it. I joked it, but he knew I was serious. I got up and walked away, "See! Now you pushed me even further away!" He needs to learn anyway.

In the bathroom I ran into Aslihan, our professor, and we made really nice small talk. I enjoy her. And when I got back in, Stephen and Arthur and I exchanged contact information. Apparently Stephen's going to miss me. He still wants me to stay for this professional degree.

DINNER Mike was at the dessert section. "One or two?" he asked me....because he knows he owes me. Then I talked about studying, he talked about Neva, etc. "I'll keep in touch," he said. "Yeah, because you need to use me," I said back. You can't be too clingy, now can you?