Friday, 8 August 2008

LITTLE PLEASURES I spent the third day studying with the boys, and it was just as fun as the previous ones. Even though I argue in the US's favor a lot (per how we have lower wages - "We have a low cost of living", how we can't walk as much - "Our country is not set up that way", and how we don't get our 10 year old kids drunk - "Why should we do it just because Europeans say so? If it's not right for us, then it's not"), if never does any harm. I think Stephen loves how I argue in fact. I stand up for myself.

Stephen was really touchy, even though he always is. It makes me feel loved actually.

Lunch was fun as well. Megan told me to go bother Mike, that he was hiding by the cooler, since she knew I wanted to get my dessert. I went over and looked down, "Come on Mike, I don't have all day" I joked. He got up and said, "Hey, how are you?" I told him a chocolate cake and he got me two without me asking for it, which I thought was sweet. He's not supposed to and yet he did for the second time this week.

And then May sent me a third facebook flower, which I thought was sweet of her. Always thinking of cute things to do, like Liz and Franzi used to do.