Friday, 1 August 2008

Entry ?

BEST FRIEND  & EMAIL  First of all, my best friend, Gazzy.  So I was in the Multilearning Centre with Ashnita when he emailed me, so I was pretty surprised to turn on my iTouch and find his name pop up after randomly checking shortly after.  

  • "Made octopus last night, a tagine. You might have actually liked it" includes me in his life
  • The fact that he doesn't go, "Lucy, my dad's partner's daughter" makes me feel special, like I should know
  • "So there should be a pile of ideas that’ll fly through your head" about his $3,000.  So he wants me to plan what we can do now that he has that money?
  •  "Damn, I was keeping my fingers cross for PR- I’ve never been good at cheating the system either (just look at centrelink), it always seems so easy for everyone else though- I don’t know why. But at least your mum’ll be thrilled (‘horay!’). Exactly, I think I might gradually be getting the hang of saving up (at least temporarily), so America’s only a few steps away."  So that's his response?  I guess it's okay.
  • "I reckon we should give French silk pie a go ourselves" to my response of telling him of how to make one after he mentioned what he incorrectly thinks one is
  • "Or we could take the celebration to new levels and buy some pre-packed sandwiches from the supermarket, and make it a truly memorable experience! Please not McD’s! No!"  He is SO FUNNY when he wants to be.
  • "A pact- Tokyo Aquarium before we die" Um, so we'll be traveling together for years to come?  Awesome, especially since I used to say this and now he is.
  • "It’d be fun to see how you’d react to it all (they’d probably love you, but all of them together can be a little draining)."  They'd love me?  What am I, a girlfriend now?  Aw regardless!  
  • Huh, like I’d pass the opportunity to have my own special chauffeur (and as if you could resist all those roundabouts, you know they’re so much fun!)."  Again, funny when he wants to be.
  • "Hope you come up with some fun plans in the next couple of weeks, and I’ll see you then."  Again, with the planning, aw.
  • "Oh and I did my first real marshmallow roasting last night with a real fire, not cheating."  He's sooo Americanized it's not even funny.  

UNI CLASSWORK  I had four meetings in one day, which is two more than normal for me.  I was tired, but yet if felt like I had something to do in life.

The first meeting was more casual- it was with Arthur and Stephen for our IFM assignment.  I met them in the library, and before Stephen came, it was just me and Arthur sitting like two old people watching others walk past while talking.  And how walks past?  Elaine.  We were laughing at how she was walking like as if she had a stick up her ass.

The second meeting was with Ashnita, which ran into my meeting with Arthur and Stephen.  With her it was quick, easy, and painless as she quickly showed me what she wrote for our paper, and I was surprised she did so much work (like four pages, but for her that's a lot).  We talked about how I really should go to Fiji since I can visit her, and then we talked about how Gaz and I should just get together already.  She's convinced we are in denial, but I know better to fall for him again like that. 

I went back to the library and found the boys in a group study room.  Stephen's such a knowitall that I call out nowadays.  I used to not, but now why shouldn't I?  He thinks he knows Cleveland and was arguing with me about my own fucking city, but when I called him out when a very detailed "no, you're wrong" answer, I just laughed at his face.

Break was lunch in which I went over to get a chocolate cake from Megan, who smiled knowing what I was going to ask for.  Then back over to the library before walking back over to my bungie with the boys to drop off their bags in my room.

JOB  Which lead to my third meeting.  It was with Kirsty, who is not as likeable as Amy, but very nice.  She just pauses long and I question if I'm supposed to speak or not.  My problem is the filler kind of talking, so I can't stand that.  I was proud how I wasn't nervous and we laughed and chatted, because I needed to work on that.  But I also need to work on getting to the point and not deviating as well.  She told me, just like Nash and Stephen, that "It's not what you can do, but what you want to do." So again I feel better.  I also like how professional she was: standing when I came in, standing when I went to leave, making it more informal, and knowing what she was doing over all.

And finally, my last meeting.  On the way to meeting May and company, I saw the boys in a room two doors down.  I was talking with them when Dino and May came in and I left jealously.  I found Nash alone and he's so weird nowadays.  I have to forcibly talk to him and I won't bother anymore.  Thankfully Dino and May soon followed-- she got her job!  But I must remember to, well, remember what's going on in their lives so I can ask later on.

Basically what do I remember about this meeting?  I didn't get credit for my work yet again. And David Robinson?:  "Not to complain in this email about someone you don't know, it's no secret to anyone that I loathe my entrepreneurship professor, David.  I mean really, how can someone like him get $100,000+ per year to teach nothing to us at all?  And on top of that, not remember our names or give us our correct marks?  It only takes a girl to flirt with him for him to give her top marks, right?  So the other day he posted our grades on ilearn and after hearing that Nash in my group got a 7.5 for doing nothing, I was pissed at my 6.5/10 for doing every single thing for my group.  Normally I wouldn't care, but knowing that my professor gives high marks to only the people he likes since he's biased, I was pretty peeved off.  I emailed him with, "I was the first one who spoke, and I was the one who gave the longest critique with the most information.  I was chosen as the representative for my group.  I just spoke to the rest of my team members today during our meeting, and they all agreed that it seems subjective and doesn't add up when I was the one who spoke for the entire group."  The entire time I was going, "that damn wanker" over and over again while typing that.

Now I'll get to see if he acknowldeges the fact that either, a) he doesn't know my name and gave me a generic mark, or b) didn't give me a high mark since he forgets I exist since I don't flirt with him, or c), he doesn't pay attention to what happens in class and just gives us some random number when putting down marks.

I'll let you know what he gives me and what he says.  Normally I don't care, but there's just something about this womanizer that I can't stand, you know?  At least give me what I deserve even if I don't go "ooooh, Daaaviddd, you're sooooo smart!" like the other girls."

Lastly, dinner.  I saw Ying yet again.  I was glad I was smiling in a good mood and I instinctively went around without seeing her at first so that I wouldn't be too close to her.   Unlike her I was smiling from the good mood and I felt good as if a "fuck you."