Monday, 11 August 2008

-mom woke me up
-got up and got text from arthur-- by himself. wanted to leave, but read gaz.
-gaz! laugh soooooooooooo hard. he's being more loveydovey for some reason. answered some qs, too. non-stop laugh and he emailed twice for no reason. soooo cute.
-lunch. dead! mike maybe "aw?" asked about studying and paper. then he weird look since i laughed about him joing me and art and my laugh...? but he was still nice. meh. don;t think too much of him anymore since x2.
-stephen in. told worried about how uptight i was. guam girl!
-stephen in. told worried about how uptight i was. guam girl! got a picture of our picture
-then amy-- aw! she talk of writing and we so nice. then chat afterwards about newie.


Hello Hello,

If wine tours are fun then YES- but you're spot on (not that it’s hard to work out, I’ll always be a beer person- although I seem to be developing quite an impressive wine cellar now and it looks like I'll have to steal my dad'sd other bottles of whatever if the she devil's anything to go by!). Seems to be a lot of philosophical life’s conversations going on at the moment to (seems if I’ve got the chance to’ escape’ anytime soon I should jump at it- oh, and by the way, if anything I write seems hard to de-cipher I’ve decided to try the drinking approach to sleeping tonight because I haven’t had much success lately, and I’m a little desperate- I’m trying to zone out watching either the Olympics/Miller’s crossing (which I’ve been trying to find for a while, but only just have- Oh, and PS, if there’s any way I can get to America somehow you know I’ll honestly take it!- along with anywhere else…even if that pisses you off!!!).

Actually that’s pretty easy, can’t really go wrong with El, that way I can stuff up with Ellie or Ella (it’s becoming a bit more frequent- I don’t think anyone notices, but I do it so much lately). Easier than trying to think up something for each. I think I’m getting better with kids actually, almost enough to want my own…ALMOST.

They (the two grown ups) seem desperate to drag you along here when you turn up in Newcastle, but I think a dinner or lunch is well and truly enough. They can be just a little bit over whelming, and soppy to the point of nausea. So I’ve suggested a quick vineyard lunch (note suggestion, which leaves a nice easy escape clause, and means it’s simple enough to avoid it all together! Just the way I’ve planned it.

I so hope I can get to that Tokyo Aquarium in the end (or beginning), I’ve been exited about that ever since I heard about it (I’m currently a good bunch of drinks through, so I’m impressed this email’s making any sense at all! (if it is of course).

Grandma has to go through the same annoying routine every night. Can you imagine me kissing anyone asleep? Well, that’s pretty much the routine. It’d be cute in a way, but it just becomes a pain in the arse in the end.

I keep looking at the travel section of the newspaper- I’ve been naughty and spent about a hundred bucks on beer and wine today, so I’ve got about two and a half grand tucked away right now (with as decent cellar on the way- a good pile of wine- if only I felt anything like I do about it eight years ago than I do now, uni then might have been useful…but it’ll end up being embibed anyway- honestly with all of the typing errors, it’s taken at least an hour extra to write this damn thing).

What else? Hmm, ummmmmm, well, just ticking off each day as it comes, and that’s as exciting as it gets…can’t wait till you land and the fun can start again (and that means you definitely have to do what you want to…because I don’t care where whatever money I even have goes, because it’ll just go somewhere useless if I don’t use it anyway!!!! PLEASE DO WHAT YOU WANT!!!! Believe me, that makes me happy (even if it goes the same way for you);

I’m proud of myself, since the last time you saw me my hair has still been allowed to be free- no hair cuts. I’m almost convinced I can go two years without a cut (it’s nice and black still too- I might have a boiling hot shower before bed…sleeeeeeeeep!!!!

Damn, you’re right, I seriously cannot remember reading the kids book in the library (I must have been in a funny mood- honestly, I can’t actually pinpoint anything much from uni, sadly…just pointless random stuff like always.

If you want to go back to Bathurst again, we’ll go, I’m happy to. In a strange way, It’d be fun and I’d be happy to…after all, you did spend a good six months there, it’d be fun to see what it’s like I think (honestly, there’s an urge to go back to Bathurst that I want to satisfy too…even if I’m scared to bump into someone I might know, so it’s not crazy really).

But anyway…If I’m lucky the trick’ll work- I’ll sleep (one more drink!). I keep getting up at six for some reason ( I need to change time zones!!!).

Popcorn and movies are a given! But at least one you have to choose what you want, and I’ll try not to criticize! I’m slowly becoming a bit more easy going that way…I think.

I guess we’ve got no travel plans, but it’s king of a dream of mine just to turn up where ever we might end up going and never have to go back.

It’s stupid, I haven’t been this light for literally ten years (I’m a miget, even if a can’t see it) but I still feel large???( I’m fine though, no worries…don’t role your eyes!). Funilly though, whenever I weigh a kilo heavier, I feel bad/guilty for some reason. Honestly, we probably weigh the same. The kids are fascinated by the door knocking noises I can make on my chest/hip/shoulder….

I agree, I’m good at planning, but only really short term. I’m good at just saying ‘okay, tomorrow/next week this is what where doing, but planning ahead, actually being properly organized? No hope…it takes too much responsibility, I’m so happy to leave that to you!

And just as an aside, the two here (dad and lady) seem kind of desperate to have some kind of get together. So far I’ve only gone as far as to say it is a tiny possibility that we could go out to lunch/dinner some time in the next few weeks. But it leaves the easy option of avoiding it all together (which I’ve done purposely, so we don’t need to worry about it). They’re, or can be, a bit full on, even if they are kind of loving (kind of Liz like I guess). But then you’d probably like them a bit more than mum, even if they might be a bit annoying. I like mum more, even though she’s a bit emotionally retarded!

Personally, I think if it was somehow (unrealistically) possible, I’d be satisfied with continuous adventure from the seventeenth onwards…never ending. (I’m going to attempt to sleep all day through tomorrow (which has become today)…I don’t like my chances, but it’s possible.

By the time you get down I’ll have pretty much three grand sitting my account, which I have no problem spending! What can we do with it?

I’ve noticed the occasional day when I just get pissed off at the kids. Their dad put so much effort into dinner tonight, and was self critical about the results (he kept on going on about how much he stuffed up. But it was great). But the kids wouldn’t touch it. I cool down after a while though. I like the fact I’m the last they say goodnight to (almost).

My dad is snoring like a grizzly bear…how the hell anyone put up with it (mind yo I can hear Grandma doing the same from my room!

I think your mum’ll get over the excitement of having you back after a little bit. After all, my mum still gets kind of happy when I pop in. And then gets over it pretty quickly. But after all, you’ve been on the side of the planet so she’s bound to miss you a bit, and I’d miss my mum too (for about a week, and then get sick of her…by the way, I ask how much it costs to get over there because I think it’d be fun, but I don’t know how I’d keep it going…families something, but now days that’s all I’ve got here, otherwise that’s it!).

You’ve always seemed to be able to get away from family clinginess in the end anyway, so I don’t think it’ll be a problem. When it gets to the boring/annoying point, I doubt you’ll have any problem moving on. Buy the way, whenever I say I just want to disappear/disconnect from my life and go somewhere totally different, it doesn’t mean I want to do it by my self!

I realized today how scared I’d still be talking to your mum even over the phone (like she'll be dissapointed in me or something), meaning don’t worry, you definitely don’t need to meet my dad and partner anytime if you don't really feel like it...I don't care.

(it’d probably be a pain in the derriere anyway [it’d be so much easier just mucking around in Greta like always- unless you’ve got some crazy idea to meet the other side of the family!- the kids are leaving the day you come!]).

Ew, Chicago! Sounds good!

This is the first half of the email- the second half comes tomorrow (I’ll tell you how sleeping goes tonight (honestly, my dad is snoring like a chainsaw in the next room, and I’ll be just the same in twenty years!!! God I can’t wait! Addmitedly he drinks like...a fish! Even though he's nice, and geeky).

Wow, six/seven more days and we’ll be mucking around…I’ll finish this off tomorrow, when I’m a little less sleepy (it is 2:30 after all!) See you (so so soon, I'm actually nervious),



Email part two (as promised)-

Drink all that, and I’m still up at seven in the morning! Huff. But at least it leaves plenty of time for scone and pancake making.

Oh well, if it wasn’t a long sleep, it was definitely a deep one. I think that makes up the difference. So because I haven’t done it at all so far, I feel like spending the day glued to the Olympics…or if not then, finally getting around to watching those videos I’ve borrowed. I haven’t really gotten around to them, just because they’re just a bit too MA/R rated to watch around little kids.

Invisibility cloak close to reality!?! I want one of those.

What else am I doing? Hmm, um, I’ve got some sort of appointment to go to on Tuesday for centrelink (well technically not for centrelink, but it was organized through them). Apparently it’s supposed to help with job hunting and all of that (I’ve got my doubts, but we’ll wait and see). And that’s pretty much it, my day is kind of set out.

My hair seems to be providing a world of fun. I never thought it could be so interesting, but it’s being pulled this way and that on a daily basis. I’ve hit the breaking point that always comes about now- to cut it or leave it still (usually I give in and get it scissored, but I think I’ll stay strong this time around!).

The brussel sprouts seem to be recovering though- hmm, talking about soup and brussel sprouts, that sounds kind of good for lunch today. Definitely home made soup! (steak and kidney soup, hmmmm).

That also means American Samoa would count to…oh and every single US embassy anywhere in the world! Technically that’s still the US, just think of that. Italy, Fiji…Iceland.

I’ve hit a button somewhere and all of the writing has decided it wants to be italic!?

There we go, all fixed.

If only we could all live completely guilt free like she does…it must be so relaxing and stress free not caring. I really hope he works out his marking ob a basis of individual marks rather than group marks. Jeez, he sounds like a total pain in the arse, but I think I wouldn’t have had the guts to confront him over giving me a bad mark either. I’ve never really been able to do that.

Hooray, it’s going to be a quiet day. The kids are all going to the swimming pool, so I can flop about without having to answer endless what and why questions! It’s sunny, I might do some washing.

The ads always go on about how amasing tinned soup is now days, I think a couple of those’d do! Just throw in a bucket of MSG and they’ll shovel it down (that seems to be the way, so much MSG!). Or you could experiment with cakes and microwaves (that is if you’ve even got a microwave!).

I’ll try to, but I’m glad to say I’ll need the break from kids when they head off on Sunday! Kid saturation….

Time for the Olympics! Hmm, what to put in the soup?....

See you in a few more days…and hope you have a good idea what to spend all this money I seem to have built up on.



Beer tours sound good, but wine tour...hmm, not as enticing for some reason (not that I wouldn't, but I know which I'd choose first).

So much energy! Different from this morning. "You didn't pay your activity fees." Just smiles.

Betty, May, Gaz x2, Jess.

Rest in gmail.

+found it first, but giggle through in with art. art said he told all about then, well yeah. art jealous how long the emails were. then youtube, check if email, but GAZ again :)! acting like BF...