Friday, 15 August 2008

art woke up and texted,
mike saw,
stephen joined- unlike past, our class stayed below,
walked in and saw joey,
in row, aslihan smiled and thumbs up,
on way out: WOW!, saw vishen and andrea smile,
after exam: tim talked to about it and soo nice and yet only time?,
joey again and said miss and a shame back home,
then as went stephen, mike caught me: mike in pda, aw!
stephen foiund in room and make nervous, he said must like me (mike),
i paid lunch, sooo fast talk and skin hot and upset and puke,
mom called and calmed, maybe because no bond or leave uni?,
talked with guy about weather to uni, so cute ginger, too and love aussie do that miss,
weird how no tip,
then he bought mango ice craem,
beach but don't care if stare, PHOTOS cute (GET THEM),
htne back and in library-- room as if brand new and it's freaky,
then feel relief that they are studying and I'm not.
small hiccup, then HUGE hiccup two hours later.
toby came by and said goobye to me. sat down all excited and dramatic. invited me to pam's party.