Wednesday, 6 August 2008

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EMAIL (a cut down version of just the paragraphs I like):
"I’ve decided to write out a whole new email. I had one written out a few days ago, but that’s a bit old now, so it’s only fair…even if there’s not much to add.   Bit old now?  I wonder what it said, but it's sweet that he wanted to write me a new one.  And this proves that he drafts emails like I do.

Ah cool, I was hoping you’d have a nice big list of things. If you left to much of that down to me it’d be hopeless. All I’m good at these days seems to be what the next meal’s going to involve. So we’ll actually have to do some of the stuff you want to in the end.  So I'm the organizer in our friendship, yay.  I know he means it to, which is cute.  But what does he mean by "some of the stuff" and "you want"?
So far everything on the list gets a big tick, so I bet everything else does too. Hopefully ticket prices stay low, ‘cause that’d be really fun (plus you’d get to see somewhere you haven’t been after so long again instead of Newcastle or Sydney (we always turn up there in the end).  So he's say that he likes the list I came up with, and that anything else I come up with does as well?  So he doesn't want to commit to Tassy by buying tickets, but he does want to go?
Cool, Tokyo aquarium (you’ll have to twist my arm on Tokyo disney). Harujiku? Is that what it’s called…and the old traditional areas to.  So he wants me to go to Tokyo with him down the road for real I take it?

That makes it eleven days- a week and a half…that’s almost tomorrow. Not long now.  I said only 14 more days, which means he realizes the time difference of when I wrote and is noting it. Is he saying this for me or for him?
And as exciting as it is, that is everything for now…maybe we’ll head to dinner sometime this weekend…I don’t know, but if I actually do something, your sure to know.  I'm sure to know.  Of course I am.
See you in a few days.(you’re so close to finishing!)."  I giggled at this.  I think he's really excited.  So going home to the US instead of seeing him last break was an awesome idea in the end.  

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DREAMS  house fire one

CHANGE  "So there were some deer on the runway and my flight was delayed.  And then there was this freak snow storm.  Sorry I'm late."